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About Bree!

My name is Bree I'm 29 years old, a wife and a mother. All my life I've associated my idenity within sports and fitness, it was who I was. I was a Division II athlete throughout college and studied Exercise Science as well. Life beyond sports was tough to get acclimated to and exercise became my therapy. 

At the age of 24, I became a wife and a mother, double shift. I lost my identity, so I thought. I focused on what everyone else needed versus focusing on how I could fill up my own cup to serve the ones who needed me at my best. 


 When I look back, God was stretching me to become who he had predisposition me to be, I was just uncomfortable. Over time, I realligned with my therapy, I gain & lost 40 lbs with my daughter and then did the same and lost 50 lbs with my son. 

I wanted to share what I had put together with others. Furthermore, I realized I had a clearer mindset and more focus, while exercise was apart of my regimen & most importantly I had more energy and was able to enjoy playing with my children and I felt great about myself. 

I began to help my family and friends and noticed the change in overall mental health for them, because sometimes you don't see the change in yourself.

To this day, I plan to create a community of women that suffer from postpartum depression, anxiety, grief, feelings of unhappiness, unworthiness, inadequacy, mom guilt and more. I want a safe space for women to learn to understand their new role. body and health and be able to work together to help one another become just a little better everyday. 

I realized that goal setting is a big part of my business but once you set a goal and achieve it, it can be tailored to any part of your life, as we strengthen one another mentally and physically, we can strengthen our community economically and socially. 

My Mission

Our mission is to educate and demonstrate to our clients the fundamentals of a healthier lifestyle and change negative body images. In addition, reminding each and every client that mental health is important and leads everyone towards a more fulfilling and happier life. As mother's we tend to take care of our family's nutrition. This not only helps my clients but it leads to generational health. 

My Vision

Our vision for MamaBfit is to create a space that allows women to feel free to work on themselves without the lingering responsibilities that we may have. This was solely created to eliminate the excuses that we as women are held back by and empower them during such transitional phases in our lives.

Learn, Prioritize, Accomplish

A mother is a caregiver and unconditional love giver, housekeeper, cooker, baker, taxi driver, psychologist, doctor and discipliner. They are the ones who bear the burden of everything good and bad as the days grow on. They are the ones who might get left behind; as they do so much sometimes they are overlooked.

They don't teach a crash course of a how to be a good mom. They have books, articles, magazines, blog posts, and videos of how to cope with an upset child and how to solve all their problems. But there's no way to pin point, without leaving something out, how to be a good mom. When you become a mother, your entire world transitions and you are no longer the most important person in the world. For lack of better words, this transition is HARD. You set boundaries in every single relationship, except for your kids. The first boundary you should set is prioritizing one's self. You cannot fill up someone's cup if your's is empty. You can't ooze love if you don't love yourself. And you can't give unconditionally unless you have something to give. Self-love is the best love. You give yourself a drop of it, you'll be yearning for more. My goal for this company is to create an environment, where we are all understood. We drop all of the hats we wear and are allowed to walk through that door as the name you were given at birth and for you to focus on your own self-improvement. I hope that we learn to love the skin we're in and not be afraid to glow in confidence. 

Glow in Confidence

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